Design & Development Guidelines


"If conformity is your thing, there are plenty of great neighbourhoods to choose from in Lethbridge. But if you want where you live to reflect who you really are, Crossings is the place to be."

The design and layout of this urban core provide for self expression and stylish living in a safe and comfortable environment. It's real neighbourhood living, where people work, play and gather to form a diverse and lively community.

The Design & Development Guidelines set the stage for Crossings single family development by describing the overall vision of the community, and the homes within that community. Our goal is to create a diverse neighbourhood referencing several architectural building concepts or styles.

Crossings offers four distinct home styles to choose from, Prairie, Modern, Shingle and Tudor. Each style represents a different design esthetic. Each style has mandatory elements that are required to be included in the design.  Homeowners and builders in Crossings are to choose from one of these specific styles for their home.  

Crossings Phase 4 Design and Development Guidelines

Crossings Phase 3 Design and Development Guidelines

Crossings Phase 2 Design and Development Guidelines

Crossings Phase 1 Design & Development Guidelines  Revised May 30, 2014