The Crossings residential development has been conceived to create the opportunity for diversity in home design and support character correct design. The development will occur on a phased basis with approximately 950 lots completed over a 14 year period.

The single family residential development will see four different architectural styles consisting of Prairie, Modern, Shingle and Tudor.

Crossings Phase 3

All Lots in Phase 3 have been sold. 

Crossings Phase 3 - Design and Development Guidelines
1610344 Registered Plan
1610344 Lot Grading Plan 

Crossings Phase 2

All lots in Phase 2 have been sold.

Crossings Phase 2 Design and Development Guideline

Please note: A waiver has been approved to allow for a 197 in. (5000 mm) front setback for all lots in Phase 2. This is not mandatory but allows for flexibility.

Crossings Phase 1

All lots in Phase 1 have been sold. 

While we have sold all of our available lots, please feel free to contact any one of our builder group for the opportunity to live in Crossings:

Cedar Ridge Quality Homes
Galko Homes Master Builder
Van Arbor Homes

View our interactive map for details.

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